My little AFRICAN SERVAL PET was delivered to me earlier this morning. I have been meaning to text you but have been so busy trying to get more supplies needed. he is the cutest and i did see the starter kit he came with. I’ll keep in touch.

Jennifer & Denise Hopkins

Thank you so much for all the help you have given us so far. I must admit, the first few weeks was not easy at all we almost felt like giving up. If not for you we would have been so lost. i really apreciate it. You are just the best.

Mark Jones

After a whole week of making preparations, i finally have her lol. She is the cutest and i’ll name her Fiona. I might need another male lion cub just to name him Simba and will have my own live LYNX HYBRID CAT at home with me.

Tina Humphrey

I am now a proud owner of a ABYSSINIAN WILDCAT. All this was made possible because of you. I have some friends who are interested as well and i will refer your website to them.

Jassmine Bridgette

This is our nine month old savannah boy, doctor. He came into our family only a few short months ago and quickly made himself at home with our other 3 cats and 1 dog. He adjusted to car rides and walking on a leash so well that we are practically inseparable.My fiancé and I take him traveling and all around town. He is also playful and has our other cats no longer sleeping all day. He jumps high, plays hard, and at the end of the day he curls up in bed with us or the other cats.

Leo Katt

I picked up Oliver in November of 2007 in Chicago. Holly and Dale were nice enough to bring him to the airport for me. I really didn’t know what to expect, I had seen pictures via the website and some other photos Holly had sent me. When i saw him, and how little he was, it took my breath away! He was absolutely gorgeous! We spent the next couple of hours together waiting for the flight home. Right away I believe we bonded, it really was “love at first sight”!

Zola Franco

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